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Coach Jay has been an influence in the lives of my 5 boys for five years. This amazing human teaches his students as if they were his own. His soul's purpose is to influence his students in a positive and lasting way. His end goal is a complete human - full of strength and compassion, with the ability to face challenges and rise above them. My boys absolutely adore him and we all have benefitted so greatly from his being in our lives.

Erika Leon Mom of 5 Boys


I had heard about the magic of Coach Jay - but hadn't experienced it first-hand until recently. He truly is the kid whisperer! My 3 boys were enthralled from the minute they stepped onto the mat. He has endless patience and energy, with a wisdom that permeates their brains with ease. We love Ninja Academy of Martial Arts!

Katie Hale Mom of 3 Boys


Very welcoming with good energy in training everyday. I’ve been training here for about 2 months and with the mix of jui jitsiu, Muay Thai, kickboxing and the other disciplines we train here I’m always more in shape and more confident tomorrow

Dallas Trubey

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 9.29.42 AM.png

My son and I were so excited to hear that Coach Jay was opening his own academy!! Of coarse we had to go check it out right away. Coach Jay's new academy is amazing! We signed up that day. My son absolutely loves going to class and I owe that all to Coach Jay and his wonderful teaching styles!! Coach Jay is amazing with the kids! All of us moms call him " The Kid Whisperer". He has many classes to fit anyone schedule. He will work with you! All you have to do is talk to him, and he will gladly try and help you out. We signed up for the after school program too. Helps a lot with my busy work schedule. Coach Jay treats all of his students and parents with the up most respect and he expects that in return. My son has grown, and learned so much from Coach Jay that I would ABSOLUTELY recommend his classes to any parent that is looking to start their child in a MMA class! You will not be disappointed!!

Kristin Wanta

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 9.36.17 AM.png

Amazing place🙌🏻. My son didn’t want to leave the videos games until He started at the Ninja Academy.

Rixia Rojas

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 9.38.31 AM.png

Our son loves going here!!

Adam Webb

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 9.32.38 AM.png

It's rare to find an individual who finds the balance between fun and discipline and Jason has it. I wish we wouldnt haven't moved so far because I loved having my kid there. Great Teacher at Ninja Academy!

Justin Durham

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 9.42.43 AM.png

My son loves that place. Coach Jay is amazing!!

Yordanka Mereteva


The Ninja Academy of Martial Arts is absolutely amazing!! Coach Jay is so great at all he does! He is such a great role model! Our son loves it he is always so excited to go and we could not be any happier!

Julianne Carlton

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